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Multi-crew cooperation (MCC) training covers units of knowledge and practical skills that are used when pilots are part of a multi-crew operation. The training is generic to conducting multi-crew operations and is not specific to a type of aircraft.

CASA requires Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) instructors to rate Trainees from a scale of 1 to 5 (five being the top grade) on these 4 Key Elements:

  1. Communication and Teamwork
  2. Leadership and Management
  3. Situation Awareness
  4. Decision Making

Cognisess Fly is embedded into the Multicrew Airline Training Systems MCC course curriculum. Using Cognisess Fly, Cogmetrix and MATS have created people analytics templates according to the CASA Behavioural Markers. Thereby providing additional feedback by looking at mix of factors such as:

  • Personality traits 
  • Cognitive competencies
  • Emotional and social competencies. 

By doing so we support, but not replace, the traditional MCC course methodology.

Using these templates we are building an ever-deepening and objective database of what are the key attributes that are shared by Ground School participants across the different behavioural marker categories. Helping both instructors, clients and the industry in general develop a richer understanding of what top performers (CASA Behavioural Marker rating 5) typically look like and what makes them different to other pilots who've been ranked lower.

The data generated from these templates can be used as additional information to support aviation recruitment processes and to enhance coaching and training practices.

This methodology of course can be applied to any industry.

Contact either myself on 0400 642 266 or Dean Schwerdt of MATS on 0403 189 250 for more information.

About Multicrew Airline Training Systems (MATS) 
MATS are a CASA Approved Training Organization (ATO) to conduct MCC Training Courses under CASR Parts 142 and 61.