Bias-free methodology

When applying for jobs using the Cognisess platform, candidates are not required to give any personal information during the profile creation stage: neither their name, title, age, gender, or any other part of information is mandatory. The username and password created can be entirely anonymous. This way, we ensure that any data we obtain is given willingly by users.

When an employee registers we do request a little more data for the purposes of benchmarking and other analyses; however this data is not used for other purposes unless consent is provided.

Most importantly, personal data such as age and gender will never be included in any kind of job suitability profiler, thus eliminating bias as well as keeping data confidential.

When considering more sensitive information, we are aware that it is necessary to give results without compromising the confidentiality we owe to those who use the system.

Therefore, when giving an overview of personality, we only ever display a summary of the user’s general personality traits, without giving specific question responses. By doing this we are able to give out all the information that an employer would need, whilst simultaneously keeping individual data confidential.

Data collected for employee engagement and other staff surveys is collated and released as group data, meaning that if a certain threshold of minimum user completions has not been met, the platform will ‘lock’ the results. This ensures that no user is identifiable when completing anonymous surveys. The normal release groups are 5 or 10 completed responses.

The only information that is required explicitly for Cognisess (as opposed to required for a specific client organisation who is for example advertising the job) is the billing information provided by the organisation administrator. The administrator profile is always attached to a specific individual with password protection, and data is still encrypted to the highest standard, ensuring that all data is safe for both user and manager.

Through these measures we endeavour to keep even the smallest pieces of data safe and secure. Any attempt to breach servers running our platform or hosting our databases will result in immediate notifications of Microsoft security specialists as well as our internal experts. By doing this, we ensure that any attempt to obtain private data will be dealt with extremely quickly by a dedicated professional.