Making the 'Intangible' Tangible

People Analytics - How Do You Measure Soft Skills?

In a recent SEMMA seminar, one of the Managing Directors attributed their company's ability to be successful - agile and adaptable enough to be globally competitive - down to their 'intangible soft skills'. It struck me that this is exactly what we do...

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Thanks to Jacki Mitchell for hosting Steve Zanon, Noel Pearse.  FAHRI and myself on her radio show Taking Care of Business. The topic being 'people analytics - how do you measure soft skills?".

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The [code] writing’s on the wall for global recruitment

Global recruitment faces two disruptive challenges in the next decade. Globalisation will become even more complex and the speed of technological change will become more rapid....

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Using Neuroscience to Differentiate Learning

When students are cued to take account of all three domains – how they think, feel and assess their context – their decision making is transformed. They move from merely acting out (reactive behaviour) to more reflective behaviour....

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