Industry Statistics Highlight the Cost to Business and the Need for Better Methodologies

Sources: * On-boarding Margin Survey, 2016 ** Gallup Employee Engagement Survey, 2016

87% of employees worldwide are not engaged in what they do**

1/3 of employed people are already job searching after they've been in their current role less than 6 months*

Companies turn over upwards of 60% of their talent base within 4-years*

The Cognisess Pro solution


  • the costs of bad hiring
  • bias and subjectivity
  • employee churn


  • employee productivity and engagement
  • diversity
  • aptitude for organisational change and innovation
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Introducing Cognisess Pro

A Platform to Help you Make Better People Decisions

Core Features
Cognisess Pro is a People Analytics Platform. It processes and analyses Hiring & Workforce Data to better understand and predict the performance and potential of people throughout the life-cycle of their employment.

There are few platforms in the market that can capture, collate and process the entire data map of people and workforce analytics within your organisation from recruitment to employment.

Cognisess Pro provides you with predictive data and insights around the performance of all your candidates and employees, so you are able to better assess how they can fit into the fabric of your company to optimise their talent and potential.

From pre-employment screening, candidate selection, regular employee appraisal, team performance and even shaping organisational design: we provide over 40 different assessments measuring 100 unique attributes.

This allows you to benchmark and focus on what ‘best’ genuinely looks like in your organisation. Our assessments measure cognitive attributes, emotional intelligence, health & wellbeing, personality, behaviour, culture and team fit as well as other core skills and competencies.

More Accuracy & Consistency
The speed and volume of hiring and redeploying people throughout your business is constant and the demands to fill skills gaps are rapidly increasing. We help you manage your human capital needs by ensuring you hire the right person for every role – every time.

Being Fairer and More Diverse
Subjectivity and bias are an unavoidable human trait when it comes to selecting a candidate for a job. By providing scientific, data-driven evidence we eliminate bias with objective, role specific assessments. This helps you demonstrate openness, fairness and promote diversity.

Greater Productivity
Candidates and employees who experience a greater level of job fit are happier, more productive and loyal. This reduces churn, improves productivity and efficiency whilst increasing overall employee engagement.

Resource and Cost Efficiencies
By automating all your end-to-end people data, Cognisess Pro processes millions of data points, reports in real-time and removes the increasingly high costs of hiring, appraising and managing performance across the business.


Features & Benefits

Improve Performance Through a Deeper Understanding of People

Understanding Your People
The costs of poor hiring, high churn and low workforce productivity are increasing as managers struggle to process the wealth of data and insights that surround their organisations; losing sight of how and where the workforce can be optimised for performance.

With complexity and the pace of change in workforce demands rapidly increasing, businesses relying on traditional HR processes to address real- time, resourcing issues are experiencing pressure.

Predictive analytics applications like Cognisess Pro can help organisations operate ahead of the curve in the talent market at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional HR.

Key Features

  • Automates and standardises all key recruitment and selection processes
  • Ensures consistency and accuracy at every stage
  • Delivers over 40 assessments measuring 100+ attributes
  • Provides a clear measure of a person’s true talent as assessed against specific job profiles
  • Ingests both workforce and external performance data to provide insights around best fit for peoples’ talent and potential
  • Uses advanced computer vision to micro- analyse and process audio, video and written content
  • Generates predictive analytics to model how well a person or team can perform against existing or future standards

Our Solutions

  • Recruitment - Cognisess helps you to find and secure the right talent.
  • Employee Performance - Cognisess defines what ‘best’ looks like for you.
  • Organisational Design - Cognisess Deep Learn™ ensures you understand what makes your organisation effective.

A Platform for the Whole Candidate & Employee Journey

With Cognisess Deep Learn™ Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning at its Core

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The Cognisess Pro platform provides a comprehensive range of tools to engage and support you candidate and employees throughout their entire work life cycle. From selection to exit interview, Cognisess is designed to support organisations and all its people in maximising their talent and potential. 

Whether you are looking to improve a single aspect of your people process or to benefit from having all your touch points automated and aligned, the Cognisess Pro platform delivers accuracy, efficiency and savings at every stage. And the more tools and data points you use, the greater the power of the insights and predictive analytics our Deep Learn™ algorithm will generate for you.

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Jobs Board

Put Your Job in the Spotlight

Attract the right candidates
The fast paced, fast turnover nature of job finding and recruitment means you need to make sure your roles stand out from the crowd. The Cognisess Pro Jobs Board provides you with the most up-to-date platform to present your recruitment opportunities to the most appropriate audiences: youth, unskilled, temporary, part-time, job share, graduate, skilled, professional or niche.

Plug into feeds using our API and connect with aggregator and mainstream sites to ensure your jobs land in the right place across the widest audience.


  • Branded and customised for your companies identity
  • Use registration pages to capture candidate data including CV’s, supporting documents and video profiles
  • Promote in-depth descriptions and requirements for each role via a dedicated jobs page
  • Direct job links from popular jobs boards and other social media sites to your Cognisess pages
  • Invite candidates to submit further information or attend interviews.


  • Represent your company culture and brand identity
  • Target the right audience profile
  • Real time posting and re-posting
  • Integrate with Social Media feeds
  • Mobile responsive and optimised

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Applicant Tracking

Stay in Control at Every Stage

Managing the whole candidate experience

No more sifting through endless CVs and no more scheduling hours of interview time with a long list of candidates. Using the Deep Learn™ predictive people analytics engine, you can pre-screen thousands of applicants in seconds and auto-invite for interview. Cognisess’ live Application Tracking System (ATS) allows you to monitor candidates at every stage so you can make informed decisions thus speeding up your hiring process. Providing comprehensive performance and matching reports for each applicant, HR professionals can assess the quality and volume of their pipeline at each stage of the process


  • Real-time tracking of candidate journey
  • Interview and email management
  • Filters for screening and short-listing
  • Objective candidate appraisal and scoring criteria
  • Targeted interview guides and reports for recruiters
  • Advance, move or reject candidates effortlessly across stages
  • Customise email templates and automated responses
  • Export to excel or PDF
  • Track referrals and links from other websites
  • Assign prompts and actions


  • Calibrate system to meet actual job requirements
  • Identify best fit candidates at each stage
  • Retain and build data for on-going talent pool
  • Minimise face-to-face and phone interviews

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Assessment & Games

Objective & Multi Dimensional Assessment

Revealing talent and potential
Cognitive competence and emotional intelligence inform and control all aspects of our daily lives. Together, they determine how successfully we function as human beings in every professional and social setting.

The current methods of assessing people often rely on outdated or linear constructs such as IQ or personality. These are narrow and in some cases culturally biased.

Cognitive neuroscience is re-shaping our view of the brain and Cognisess Pro uses over 100 combined measures to objectively assess performance; and how that performance relates to a person’s ability to do the job effectively.

The platform allows you to remove bias and subjectivity and provides the broadest assessment of a candidate’s suitability: measures include cognition, behaviour, personality, emotional intelligence, culture fit and core skills.

By assessing over 100 attributes, Cognisess Pro identifies the key factors of suitability and match to accurately predict performance outcomes of candidates and employee in the roles you are looking to fill.

What do we measure?

  • Cognition
  • Emotion
  • Social cohesion
  • Behaviour
  • Core skills
  • Linguistics
  • Career interests & values
  • Feedback
  • Facial expressions & audio


  • 40 assessments measuring 100+ attributes
  • Removes bias and subjectivity
  • Interactive and game play design
  • User-friendly interface
  • Comprehensive and holistic
  • Objective and performance-based
  • Text and Sentiment Analysis
  • Voice and Facial expression (Audio/Visual)
  • Career matching function
  • Benchmarking tools


  • Qualify candidates against company culture
  • Improve productivity and consistency
  • Reduce cost per hire
  • Reduce time to hire
  • Fast pre-interview process
  • Unique integration of multiple performance areas

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Digital CV Profile

Taking the CV into the Digital Age

Digital Profile
The world of information has changed and traditional text based CVs and resumes are outdated.

Cognisess Pro enables candidates and employees to express their professional accomplishments and attributes with a compelling personal visualisation.

This helps employers gain a better understanding and insight into individual candidates and employees alike.

Traditional CVs only ever impart reported information without providing any hard evidence about personality, on-going performance data or confidence levels.

Cognisess’ Digital CV Profile includes Meet Me & Ask Me – video tools for candidates and employees to introduce themselves ‘in person’, answer standard formula questions and complete an appraisal.

Our vision is to bring peoples’ education, skills and experience to life whilst providing recruiters and managers with a data-rich profiling tool.

What the Profile Includes:

  • Contact and personal information
  • Attribute scores and results
  • Downloadable reports
  • Q scores including YouQ, CQ and EQ
  • Meet Me Video introductions
  • Multiple images, portfolio, documents
  • Education and work experience
  • Job information
  • Languages you speak
  • Shareable links
  • Profiler and career match

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Job Profiling

Know What 'Best' Looks Like in Your Organisation

Cognisess Pro allows you to create tailor-made Profiles based on specific attributes or key performance indicators to help you gain an accurate set of indicators about what 'best' looks like.

Unique to your organisation and company roles, our Profilers enable you to set benchmarks for new recruits and criteria for those employees changing roles through promotion or internal restructuring.

This tool gives managers the ability to customise and create a profile based on existing employee data and those who have completed Cognisess assessments.

Using People Match organisations can build their definitions of ‘best’ employees based on key performance indicators (KPIs) and use this criteria to filter large employee or candidate lists at speed and with full control over the threshold of accuracy and fit.


  • Attribute and assessment results-based profilers
  • People-based profilers
  • Competency-based profilers
  • Career and jobs profilers
  • Bespoke Deep Learn™ models and profilers
  • Profile by team, role, attribute or job level
  • Predict candidate performance based on current or future levels
Profilers 2

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Reports & Results

Understand Your People

Interactive and intuitive reporting Reports and results are essential to provide feedback on candidates, employees, teams and your organisational performance. Being able to visualise the data and provide context gives an edge to managers looking for insights and predictors.
Cognisess Pro provides a full range of intuitive and interactive reports automatically generated on completion of assessments, appraisals, surveys and games. The reports can be specially tailored to cover candidate selection, employee performance, team fit or career development.

Managers and users can view these directly on the platform’s dashboards or download as PDF reports.

Our powerful people analytics engine allows you to choose what you would like to view and report and then filter by relevant fields such as: date range, assessment or survey type, team, division or candidate groups. We combine traditional statistical analysis with the latest machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to scientifically and accurately predict current and future performance.

Cognisess Pro gives you greater access to your people and HR data so you can quickly spot patterns, emerging trends and predictors; processing data from our assessments along with other sources such as workforce metrics, employee feedback and wellbeing assessments.

The platform provides powerful predictive people analytics; helping you make insightful, less subjective, better people decisions.


  • Candidate reports
  • Employee reports
  • Interview guide
  • Profiler matching & ranking
  • Individual performance
  • Group and team performance
  • Team Fit
  • Organisational benchmarking
  • Deep Learn™ modelling

Unlock What People Think and Feel Image.001.jpeg

Video Analysis

Unlock What People Think and Feel

Facial and expression analysis
The emergence of new technologies which combine recognition software with Big Data processing have opened up a whole new set of tools and assessments which can unlock what people actually think and feel through analysis of words, sentiments and facial expressions.

Cognisess Pro provides a suite of tools which can process and automate hundreds of video, audio and word interviews in real-time and in doing so, reduce the investment in resource, time and expenditure associated with traditional interviewing – still used as the bedrock of people assessment.

Our video assessments

Meet Me - A video tool for candidates and employees to introduce themselves ‘in person’, answer standard formula questions and complete an appraisal.

Ask Me - A video tool where tailored questions specific to the role, capabilities or culture fit can be crafted to extract meaningful insight about what a candidate really thinks.

Computer Vision
Cognisess Pro facilitates the automatic extraction, identification and analysis of data contained within video content – be that sentiment, words, language and gesture analysis allowing you to accurately and objectively assess and rank hundreds of candidates in the time it would take to interview one.

Micro Expressions
Cognisess Pro provides facial and expression tracking and analysis to pinpoint objective indicators around confidence, empathy, positivity, expressiveness providing an unbiased evaluation of a person’s true attributes.

Micro Expressions Image.001.jpeg

Employee Performance Image.001.jpeg

Employee Performance

Monitor How Your Employees are Feeling & Performing

Insight into what is working and what is not
From assessing and measuring candidates’ integration, conducting employee feedback, satisfaction and engagement surveys, managing 360 appraisals or issuing compliance surveys.

Cognisess Pro incorporates a range of standard and proven appraisal and engagement forms within an integrated platform.

Companies can customise forms to align with their existing performance reviews, appraisals and engagement surveys to preserve continuity.

HR partners and line managers can measure continuous performance whilst identifying trends in mood and mind set.

Cognisess Pro brings together all your people & workforce performance data into one place – making it cost efficient, effective and quicker for HR managers to analyse and predictively identify the trends emerging across your organisation.


  • Standard survey questions and templates
  • Customised branding
  • Send surveys via web, email, social and more
  • Best in class survey-taking experience
  • Mobile responsive across devices and platforms
  • Easy for your users to take your surveys for increased completion rates


  • Real-time continuous feedback
  • Consistent approach to data collection
  • Permission-based manager access
  • Anonymised and aggregate results

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Deep Learn™

Go Deeper Inside Your Data

Cognisess Deep Learn™ is the engine behind your data and the intelligence behind everything we do. It’s an innovative and dynamic predictive analytics tool; able to learn, absorb and react to multiple information streams through a process known as Machine Learning. It turns millions of data points and inputs into clear insights that allow you to make the best informed decisions for your organisation.

Deep Learn™ uses AI and Machine Learning algorithms to synthesise and observe probabilities and patterns with data streams using the following datasets:

  • Cognitive performance
  • Behaviour patterns
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Core skills
  • Personality traits
  • Feedback absorption
  • Content analysis
  • Workforce data
  • Natural language processing

The Deep Learn™ Model

Cognisess Deep Learn™ isn’t distracted by quirks or anomalies in the data. And it isn’t influenced by unconscious bias.

Instead, it takes an objective look at the data gathered from the assessments without making a judgement of who they might belong to.

Machine Learning and AI is delivered through Cognisess Pro or offline where user data, both people and workforce, is measured and analysed providing insight and actionable metrics. These models are then uploaded onto the platform for organisations to use.

Cognisess Deep Learn™ algorithms predict the future performance, retention and talent development potential of your people.

Furthermore Deep Learn™ can also absorb other recruitment, workforce and unstructured performance data that can be collected across the entire life cycle of an employee. There is no other platform in the market than can capture, collate and ingest the entire set of end-to-end people analytics.

So you can confidently make highly informed, real time decisions based on the sum of hundreds of millions of data points.

Comprehensive, Holistic, Predictive

How to turn data into personalised insights Cognisess Deep Learn™ is customisable, allowing you to select key performance indicators and specific attributes to measure.

This means you have the right decision making information at your fingertips to screen quickly, select with precision, and equip your people to perform to their best potential.

The algorithm responds to every piece of data available and uses your company’s key performance indicators to understand what ‘best’ means for your specific job role, in your particular team, company and even sector. The more data that Deep Learn™ has access to the more accurate and insightful its insight and predictability becomes.